5 Inch Gauge Buffer Stop


We are pleased to now offer a buffer stop for our track system. The buffer stop is made from 4mm stainless steel making it mechanically stronger and robuster than normal steel and is of course ideal for living ourdoors (all fixings are also stainless steel). We are also able to supply stainless steel buffers or a hard wood buffer beam. Simply place the buffer stop over the track where required, drill trough the track using the fixing holes in the buffer stop as a guide, place the distances pieces (6 for the left and 6 for the right) into the the recess below the rail head, align and fix with the provided screws - done.

Buffer Stop - Stainless Steel€ 98,- incl. VAT
2 Buffers - Stainless Steel € 82,- incl. VAT
Hardwood Buffer Beam € 10,- incl. VAT