5 inch gauge Bavarian Zugspitze locomotive


Zugspitzbahn Locomotive

5 inch gauge model of the Bayrische Zugspitzbahn Tallok No. 1

Whilst looking over pictures from many narrow gauge railways, we stumbled across the Zugspitzbahn in Bavaria (http://www.zugspitze.de/de) and their delightful AEG Tallok Nr. 1 from 1929. Although complex in its shape and detailing, we decided this was exactly the outline we were looking for. Although not an exact replica model, we have tried hard to get as close as possible to the original outline, whilst paying careful attention to the features, complexity and total cost.

We have worked hard on keeping total cost down however, we have not cut corners on quality or the features that make a locomotive practical and enjoyable to drive. For this reason, we have included what many charge for as “optional extras”. This ready-to-run locomotive offers all the benefits of our very efficient 4 motor power chassis with the addition of a hand held “joy stick” controller with dynamic braking. There is a separate steel battery housing in the cab for easy and secure installation/removal of the battery.  As can be seen in the pictures, the hand controller connects neatly by removing one of the top vents. It also comes complete with a horn and working front lights.The battery housing has been designed to accommodate a standard 12V, 50 Ah maintenance free battery which gives many hours of trouble free running on one charge.

New with the 3rd production batch

With the third production batch, we have introduced some minor changes and improvements. This include a large and more detailed pantograph, the smaller cab top headlight (just under the roof) and an additional buffer plate which is deeper and more inline with the original, it also provides addition traction weight. The new buffer plate also enables us to fit Buffers and screw couplings if required (see pictures below). To round off the changes, we added the option of fitting windows which fit into the cab wall cutouts and are held in place by the original outside frames and additional frames on the inside of the cab.

It is our company goal to build attractive, robust models making extensive use of SolidWorks CAD for our designs. The locomotive is almost entirely made of laser cut and folded or welded steel components with some smaller detailing parts being 3D printed. The locomotive is designed and built to be easy to maintain and to last a very long time. Additionally, we like to keep a good check on the quality of the individual components and use local suppliers, this we have done and are proud to say this loco is Made in Germany.


Chassis:Our high-power, 4-motor chassis
Electronic controller:Parkside 60 Amp electronic controller including dynamic brake function
Controller:Joystick controller with break
Special features:Horn, working front lights
Length over couplings:59 cm
Width:26 cm
Height:36 cm
Weight without battery:28 kg
Price (without battery)€ 2.895,-
4 x Buffers painted and fitted€ 189,-
2 x Screw couplings€ 131,-
6 x Windows and extra frames fitted€ 119,-
3x LEDs and cabling for rear lamps€ 105,-