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Dorrington Technical Rarities was founded in 1999, and was born out of the wish to support the large scale Live Steam railway hobby (mainly 5 inch gauge) within Germany. This wonderful hobby is enjoyed world wide by many thousands of enthusiasts. It is a hobby where the technology can be seen and experienced in contrast to the computer age we live in now. Our models make it possible for many, who have up to now only dreamt about this, to build such models without years of modelling experience and without a large well equipped workshop. Equally our kits enable enthusiasts who simply don’t have the time to make a model form scratch but still want to feel the satisfaction of finishing a model and understand how its works – real hands on.

The Live Steam Models we offer range from small stationary engines from 100 g up to large garden railway locomotives for 7 1/4 gauge, several hundred of Kilograms! You have the choice from casting sets which require machining skills to finish, fully machined kits that you can be assemble with simple hand tools or, If you don’t have the time, you can purchase a fully functioning \"ready-to-run\" model.

Above, we wrote that initially we aimed to serve the German market. The countries we deliver models into has been expanding each year and after expanding into Austria and Switzerland, we soon started to ship models all over Europe. Now we ship models world wide and are happy to export to non EU countries world wide free of taxes (please contact us for details). We support our customers from Germany (Griesheim - Darmstadt) and our aim to have most items in stock- we even try to have the most popular spares available! We pride ourselves on high quality service and customer satisfaction – after all this is not just about business but being ably to support a truly wonderful hobby.

If you need advice or simply wish to come and have a look around our shop then please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you as one of our customers.

Dorrington Technische Raritäten GmbH
Georgstraße 10
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Managing Director: Susanna Dorrington