DTR Endurance Mk. I


Endurance MK I Steam Plant

Ready to run model developed by and built for Dorrington Technical Rarities.

Steam Plant consisting of the following components:

  • Base plate
  • Vertical Engine
  • Boiler
  • Gas Tank
  • Fresh Water tank
  • Waste Water tank
  • Crank driven water pump
  • Hand pump
  • Space for engine driven accessory

The Endurance MK I

The motivation to design and build our own steam plant came mainly from the fact that many of the steam plants we have had in our portfolio over the years are no longer available and sadly were either too simple or too complicated. Here, we have tried to produce a good looking period model with useful and practical features. We have also put in a lot of effort into to making sure that the plant works! We paid special attention to the boiler to ensure you won’t run out of steam (16 x 8mm tubes and large ceramic burner). We wanted the plant to be attractive, of solid design and construction and of course, affordable.  We hope you will like our steam plant and other accessories which will follow, such as generator and lamp set.

Our customer Klaus Lutz has published more pictures on his homepage: klaus-dampfkeller homepage and has posted a short video of the Endurance on Youtube: Endurance Mk i youtube

Steam Plant has:

  • Multi tube vertical boiler which can quickly produce steam and deliver it under load!
  • Large gas fired ceramic burner
  • 2 Safety valves
  • Regulator valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • WhistleSight glass
  • Boiler blow down valve
  • Hand pump with independent boiler clack valve to fill and keep the boiler topped up independent of the crank driven pump.
  • Crank pump with independent boiler clack valve, to fill the boiler when the engine is running.
  • Fresh water tank for feeding the hand pump and crank pump, also fitted with a drain plug.
  • Removable waste water tank.
  • This collects the exhaust from the engine and engine drain cocks.Single cylinder vertical engine with 2 flywheels.
  • Cylinder drain cocks.
  • Displacement lubricator.

Steam plant dimensions:

  • Base plate
    • Width: 370mm
    • Depth: 370mm
  • Height over chimney: 335mm
  • Dry weight: 11 kg

Boiler: Vertical Multi Tube copper silver soldered

  • Diameter including cladding: 88mm
  • Boiler tubes: 16 tubes 8mm
  • Gas fired ceramic burner: 62mm
  • Height over chimney: 300mm
  • Operating pressure: 60 PSI (4 Bar)
  • 2 Safety valves                
  • Water level sight glass
  • Regulator valve2 independent water feed clacks (crank pump and hand pump)
  • Blow down valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Whistle with integral valve
  • Engine: Vertical single cylinder slide valve motion
  • Bore: 15mm
  • Stroke: 22mm
  • Height: 187mm
  • Flywheel 1 diameter: 75mm
  • Flywheel 2 diameter: 45mm
  • Twin drain cocks
  • Displacement lubricator
  • Crankshaft oil cups

Fresh Water Tank

  • Height: 140mm
  • Diameter: 88mm
  • Capacity: 650 mlBi-Pass valve for boiler feed

Waste Water Tank

  • Height: 80mm
  • Diameter: 50mm

Gas Tank

  • Height: 78mm
  • Diameter: 67mm
Price inc. Taxes1495,- Euro
Price inc. Taxes for dynamo and lamp195,- Euro