5 inch gauge Box Bogie with 2 motors


Frame “box” Bogie  with 2 High Torque 24V DC Permanent Magnet (PM) Motors

Again, like the MK I and II Bogies, we are using our tried and tested 75 W motors which have proven to be extremely strong and reliable! Selected for their robust construction, reliability, high start torque and efficient operation (they don't empty your batteries in 30 minutes!) they have proved their worth and are now fitted across all our range of locos and powered chassis. For some 75W, may sound insufficient but it’s really a rather misleading way of classifying the motors, as this is the continuous rated value when running at maximum efficiency. What we in the railway world need is torque to get us away from the station.

At normal running speed, the motors are very close to their optimum, and running close to maximum efficiency. This is achieved by carefully selecting the right gearing, while optimizing gear size, wheel size, frame height, track clearance and motor speed (sounds rather complex and it is). What this means is that you get all the power and efficiency right where you need it and plenty of torque to get you started. Interestingly, just off the maximum efficiency curve, the motors deliver approximately 125W!

The motors are fitted with closed ball bearings, quality armature, brushes and high power magnets which are all neatly packed inside a solid, closed steel and aluminium housing. Each motor produces an extremely high start torque (up to 1.3 Nm! this being the most important performance measure for model railways!). When multiplied by the gear reduction ratio 5.8:1 they give a huge torque delivery to each of the driving wheels. The drive is designed to meet the high torque demands needed to move away from start and also to run efficiently when running at normal operating speeds, to maximise battery service time – run time!

What’s new?

1) As with the MKII Bogies, we have 95mm wheels with reduced the main drive gear diameter which now gives us nearly 10 mm of track clearance to the main drive gear!

2) We have extended the motor mounting plates down 1 mm past the drive gears so in the event of derailing the plates can protect the gears.

4) We have also given extra support to the motor mounting/axle bearings by doubling the bracket thickness here.

5) Simplified removal of the axels for maintenance and inspection by removing the axel keep plates and dropping out the axel.

6)      Axels/Axel boxes are individually sprung

Bogie Details

  • Locomotive weight is carried on independently sprung axel boxes
  • Motor drive units are suspended on dedicated axle bearings
  • Wheel diameter: 95mm
  • Axel diameter:  16mm
  • 6 mm Steel frame plates
  • Length over bogie frame wheels: 370 mm
  • Mounting plate dimensions: L 210mm, W 55mm, H 6mm
  • Bogie frame width:185 mm
  • Height (railhead to top of mounting plate): 104mm
  • Wheel centers: 200 mm
  • Weight per four motor bogie:  11,5kg


Preis: 2 Bogies with 2 motors€ 1195,- inkl. MwSt.