HGe 2/2 Schöllenenbahn 5 inch gauge


We wanted to build another small  locomotive that would fit well with the Zugspitz loco and the passenger wagons that we have introduced. Intitilally the HGe 2/2  seems a little quirky but  it soon grows on you and makes a nice size loco for 5 inch. For those who own a  Zugspitz loco, they can simply purchase the body and drop it onto their Zugspitz chasis! We are flexible with regard to colour preferences and are happy to discuss options with you.

The loco comes with our 4 motor chasis as standard with dynamic brake and has 3 lamps at the front and 3 at the rear. The three front lights are working, being powered from a seperate 3v battery pack.

A roof detailing set is available as can be seen in the pictures and can be purcahsed as a kit of parts for self assembly or the loco can be purchased complete with all roof detailng fitted and painted "ready-to-run" As standard, the loco comes with only the Pentograph.

Locomotive frameOur 2-axle chassis with 4 motors
Electronic controller60 A electronic controller with dynamic brake
Hand setJoystick hand set
Length over couplings59 cm
Length (frame)54 cm
Width30 cm
Height40 cm (63cm with pentagraph up)
Weight without batterie28 kg
Loco without batteryPrice
Ready-to-run loco with roof details€ 2.895,-
Loco without roof details but with pantograph€ 2.395,-
Roof detailing parts as unpainted kit€ 295,-