Jupiter MKIII kit (short cab)


Jupiter III un-painted Kit

The Jupiter III is a further development of the Jupiter II utilising the same chassis and bogies but with a variation on the body with more of the look and feel of a standard gauge locomotive.

The kit comprises of 3 main groups 1) The upper body assembly. 2) The body sub frame and valances, 3) The chassis and bogies

Upper Body Assembly

The loco is designed to be built in either form with the long or short cab depending on which you prefer. The self contained and removable body, is mounted on its own base plate and can be lifted off complete giving easy access for maintenance and removal of batteries

 Consists of:

  • Short or long cab with roof,
  • 4 x handrails and stanchions
  • 2 x door frames
  •  Window frames x 6 short cab,  x 8 long cab
  • 1 x Long (front) engine cowling
  • 1 x Short (rear) engine cowling
  • 2 x Grill assemblies with integrated light (1 x front, 1 x rear) more laps available - see options
  • 1 x Body baseplate
  • fixings

Body sub frame

This is fixed to the chassis and is used to locate the batteries wiring and controller. There is a 10mm gap between the chassis and the underframe which allows cabling to be neatly and safely tucked away.

Consists of:

  • 4 x Tanks
  • 6 x Steps
  • 1 x sub frame
  • Fixings

Chassis, Motorization

The Jupiter III uses our standard un-painted locomotive chassis and finished power bogies.

Consists of:

  • Long Chassis: There are a number of buffer plate options to choose from giving you the ability to decide how you wish your loco to look. You can have the standard buffer plate with fork coupling, screw coupling and buffers (see options below).
  • Bogies: You can use either of the assembled, tested and painted bogies to power your locomotive. The MKII power bogies with one motor per axel or the larger frame bogies which can be fitted with either one or two motors per axle.

Electrics Pack

  • Includes electronic controller and all need switches, fuses and cables.
  • Consists off:
  • Parkside Electronic controller. 60 Amp for 4 Motors and 100A for 8 motors with dynamic brake and handset.
  • Main On/Off power switch
  • Battery fuses
  • Connector blocks
  • Crimp connectors


Jupiter III Locomotive with short cab (un-painted)







a) Chassis with end plates and fork couplings


b) Chassis with end plates, buffers and fork couplings


c) Chassis with end plates, buffers and screw couplings




Jupiter III Body with short cab


Body sub frame


Sub frame with integrated battery carrier, side tanks and steps




a) MKII Bog1es with 1 motor per axel


b) Box bogie with 1 motor per axel


c) Box bogies with 2 motors per axel


Electrics Pack


a) 60A controller with dynamic brake and Joystick (4 motors) switches, fuses, cables and connectors.


b) 100A controller with dynamic brake and Joystick (8 motors) switches, fuses, cables and connectors.




Extra lamps including cabled LEDs  (each)