P.M. Boiler No. 1


13 Tube Vertical Boiler No. 1 available as kit, ready to run  and as ready to run with ceramic burner.
Boiler diameter 3 1/8“, Height over chimney 12 5/8“

The boiler is easily capable of running one of our Nr. 2, Nr.3 or Nr. 5 steam engines and is ideal for light duty or for demonstration purposes.
The original boilers were very popular due to their simpicity and limited floor space requirements. These multi-flue boilers are just as popular today for exactly the same reasons and the model makes a very handsome working showpiece.
The boiler is constructed from copper tube and comes with four aluminium castings comprising the base, door, door frame, and chimney base. The tube plates are punched and flanged and all drawings, bar stock, rivets, solder and material are supplied with the kit including a finished safety valve and water gauge.

The fire box is 3” in diameter and 2 ½” high. There are 13 x 3/8 flue tubes, giving 61” sq of heating surface and a volume of 20 cubic inches.

Read-to-run without gas burnersold
Read-to-run with gas burner€ 335,-