Small Passenger Coach/Driving truck


We wanted to offer a small passenger wagon which can also be used to ride on as an alternative to our short driving truck/open wagon body which would optically compliment the Zugspitz or Schöllenbahn locomotives and here it is!

As with most models, the assembly and painting costs tend make up the largest proportion of the cost and for this reason, we are offering this as either a ready-to-run model or as an unpainted kit of parts ready for you to panit and assemble.

The body has strengthening compartment walls and is extremely robust. As with the long passenger wagons, the roof can be lifted off and replaced with a suitable seat. The standard short foot rests can also be purchased and as with the driving truck, these are simply slotted into place in the two axel chassis before the body is lowered into place. If you already have a our short driving truck, then you can simply pop the Body onto your existing chassis and footrests!



Unpainted Wagon Body kit€ 395,- inkl MwSt.
Padded seat - finished€ 50,- inkl MwSt.
Footrests 2 pieces (L and R)€ 90,- inkl MwSt.